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Looking Forward – Upcoming In 2015

I love the optimism of a fresh new year and there are already some great releases to look forward to in the first quarter of 2015.

Octaves Caravels Split EP
Octaves /Caravels – Split EP

Not long to wait for this first one,  a split from Octaves and Caravels which has an expected release date of 20/01/15 through Bridge 9/Topshelf; one for the post-hardcore mob. Check out the Octaves track Tom Petty Cash, taken from the EP below.



Swell-drug-church-520x520Drug Church – Swell EP
An expected release of 10/02/15 for this excellent new five track record from one of my favourite bands of 2013. The EP continues on where the album finished – husky vocals, playful lyrics, great melodies, heavy hit drums and rich well-rounded guitars. Opener But Does It Work? is a corker, closely followed by Ghost Dad, but again, the whole record is a great package of memorable and addictive tunes with no duds.


Pelican The Cliff
Pelican – The Cliff EP

Released on 23rd February, this is essentially a remix EP, reimagining The Cliff, a track from their 2013 release Forever Becoming. I’m not normally a fan of remixes but this one has piqued my interest with the addition of vocals and names like Justin Broadrick and Aaron Harris attached. The EP includes one new track too.

Also upcoming are new releases from MINE who have a new EP to be released but no date for this one yet and the debut full-length from Svalbard, both of which already have me salivating.

Tangled Talk Free Compilation

Tangled Talk Comp Cover
New up and worth a listen is Tangled Talk’s compilation album, available via their new website.  It’s 40 tracks featuring some great bands – Pariso and Svalbard amongst them, the full track listing is below. Also, well, it’s free, so why not.



Radical Friends

  1. Goodtime Boys – Callous
  2. The Long Haul – Black Dog
  3. Listener – Good News First
  4. Gnarwolves – Melody Has Big Plans
  5. Darkshaft – Free Ben Shunna
  6. Svalbard – Flightless Birds
  7. Pariso – Tower of Genus
  8. Vales – Scripted
  9. The Prestige – Ballroom
  10. Stallone – Nailed Myself To The Cross
  11. The JCQ – Plainview
  12. Let’s Talk Daggers – Humannequin
  13. Battle For Paris – Here’s To Swimming With Bowlegged Women
  14. Blak Nite – Understnd
  15. Tigerscout – Never Knows Best
  16. Moose Blood – Bukowski
  17. The Story So Far – Empty Space
  18. Hop Along – Tibetan Pop Stars
  19. Katie Malco – His Face Is A Map
  20. Nai Harvest – Whatever
  21. Dikembe – Apology Not Fucking Accepted
  22. CityCop – Hospital Beds
  23. Brontide – Coloured Tongues
  24. Holland – Everything You Know Is Lost, But Us
  25. We Never Learned To Live – Crow’s Feet
  26. BATALJ – Snail Satan
  27. Andrew Thomson – Bus Pass
  28. Otto – Clouds
  29. Hey, Joni – Isabelle
  30. The American Scene – Just Say It
  31. Shark Bait – Crippled Youth
  32. Baby Godzilla – A Good Idea Realised
  33. Weak Teeth – ‘I Do Believe We’re Naked’ by Funky C, Funky Do
  34. BATS – Astronomy Astrology
  35. The Physics House Band – Titan
  36. Spirit Moves – Afterglow
  37. Anteater – Vague Unrest
  38. The Tidal Sleep – Failures/Off
  39. I Kill Giants – Part 3
  40. Thom Weeks – The Following Is My Eulogy

Download for free at

Looking Forward To 2014

I’ve been looking at what’s coming up in the new year just prior to my rundown of 2013, which will hopefully be going live towards the end of this week.

First up is Nai Harvest, the Sheffield Indie Punks have a new EP coming next March through Dog Knights Productions and Hold Open My Head  is the title track from it which I’m liking very much at the moment.

HarbourerAlso of note and being released on 31st January is Harbourer’s debut self-titled 7″ single, the Australian melodic-punks have a grunge edge which adds an edge to their sound I really like.

You can take a listen over at their label’s Bandcamp



Finally, I’m loving Acid Fast, who also have a new release in January, which you can hear a track of over at The East Bay four piece bring to mind Swearin’ and Jawbreaker amongst others.  ADAGIO830 will apparently be handling the Euro release of this one but so far no info has surfaced on their website so I’m keeping my fingers crossed I don’t have to import from America again.

Cayetana 7″ Incoming

Cayetana Group Pic

I was pleased to read yesterday that Cayetana have a new 7″ single on the way, I loved their demo last year and went on about it quite a bit (apparently) so am really looking forward to some new material.

Hot Dad Calender, the new single, is being released by those lovely folks at Tiny Engines and is one of the tracks Cayetana played in a session for The Key a while back which is worth checking out – it’s a great track.  No release date as yet but hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.  A new album is being penciled in for a Summer 2014  release too, so as their upcoming tour with Waxahatchee doesn’t extend to the UK, we have a full length record to look forward to instead!

Swn Festival Lineup

So, with another 50 bands announced yesterday for October’s Swn Festival in Cardiff how’s the line up looking?

I’ve attended and reviewed the last two years and have been keen to see the announcements for this year, but so far there aren’t a huge amount of bands on the lineup that are grabbing me, some that I’d be interested to see but none that I am desperate to check out which is a touch disappointing with the festival on my doorstep.

On the maybe list so far are:

Band of Wolves
His Naked Torso
Nai Harvest
Queer’d Science

I don’t think that’s really enough for a full weekend of fun though so far which is a shame, and so far I’ve held off buying a weekend ticket. The lineup seems to be indie and folk heavy at the moment but they do usually pull an evening or afternoon of decent punk or noise bands out of the bag at the last minute, so far not a snifter this year but hopefully there will be some developments soon.

Check out the full lineup and ticket info at

New Music and Zines July 2013

A little late in the day his month due to continuing internet problems which I won’t bore you with again here but I’m finally online and posting again.

I’ve really been enjoying the Purple 7 12″ which arrived a couple of weeks ago from Let’s Pretend Records, the tunes have a fuzzy 90s charm which is utterly charming and makes me feel all nostalgic for my teens – especially the opener Poison Ivy  – a top tune. The new David Lynch album The Big Dream is really decent too – it has that Twin Peaks/Badalamenti feel to it and will be getting  a few more listens I’m sure while I write up my Roomthirteen review.

I got hold of Limited Readership zine issue 4 a couple of weeks ago too, brit publication with a laid back, personal writing style (lots of musing) and mixed interests.

Limited Readership #4

Punk and metal (mainly old school) are both covered along with some interviews, plenty of nostalgia, a couple of articles on movies and a small review section. This zine is always a breezy read with articles generally quite broadly covered but with that personal perspective nudging its way in here and there – as I mentioned there’s quite a bit of musing going on, Rob Tyers likes to think things through and chat to us about it which is one of the things I like about this zine, you feel like you’re getting an insight into the person behind the paper.

As always, it has a great design and layout too!


Off to see MINE tonight in Newport hopefully, which, if I manage to get there, will no doubt see a review on these pages. More soon.

Louder Than Bombs And Quicksand News

Louder Than BombsDetroit punk-rockers Louder Than Bombs has just signed to South Division Records who will be putting out their new album What Resonates in April. In the meantime i’ve been enjoying listening to their last 6 track record on Bandcamp which is full of great melodies, gruff shouting, sing along vocals and bouncy rhythms. Top stuff. You can also listen to a new track at the South Division website – it sounds like the new album is shaping up nicely.


Quicksand - Manic Compression
Also of interest today is the news that SRC Vinyl will be releasing Quicksand’s classic 1995 post-hardcore album Manic Compression in a gatefold vinyl LP format and in 4 colours no less! The album comes out on 26th February and can be ordered from this link.




New Year New Music – 2013 Gets Underway

So, we’re only a short way into the new year but I’m already enjoying some new music.

springtimeSpringtime have a new 7″ coming soon but in the meantime I’ve been listening to this cracking demo. The band has an assured hardcore punk sound, sporting an old school edge likened to Dag Nasty and they recently signed to excellent independent label Tiny Engines. I’ll definitely be seeking out that new release!

Listen and download (for free) their demo from Bandcamp


I’m also liking this demo very much from Cayetana, a great all female trio from Philadelphia (another great Philly band??). The demo has crunchy, scuzzy but sweetly melodic punk tunes.Here’s hoping they have more tunes like this on the way.

Check out the demo on their Bandcamp.




Vinyl Thoughts


Vinyl seems to be having something of a renaissance lately, sales are up apparently and more small labels are releasing records in this format, some even going for vinyl only.

Its nice to be able to have that choice back again – there were a few years where it looked like it would die out altogether and all you could get was second hand or awful dance tunes. Even so, it’s obviously, at the moment, still going to be a niche market really – more for collectors or us old school never-got-rid-of-our-turntable people.

On record store day this year BBC news ran a piece about vinyl and it was amusing (if a little odd) to hear the comments from some viewers on twitter etc who seemed affronted that vinyl was now a ‘thing’ again. As if it was being suggested that it was the ‘real’ format for music and if you weren’t listening to a record this way you were a philistine and not really into music. Obviously for most of us who grew up with vinyl its just another format and it just gives you more choice – if something is only released on vinyl I can buy it just as easily as I can something that’s download only, I just choose not to limit myself.

I also must admit to loving the warm sound and crackles you get with it but that probably also comes from familiarity and no matter how much I tell myself its all about the music I’ve always been a fan of packaging and art-work so if I like a record, my choice is probably going to be the full package (money permitting)!

The point of all this (before I started waffling) was just to share some recent aquisitions – three great albums I’ve bought or been bought on vinyl recently.

The first one is Cloud Mouth and That Ghost Is Always With Me, a great EP from Cyls Records.

It also came with this lovely lyric sheet:

Unfortunately the band is no more which is a real shame as I love this record.

Next is Tim Kasher. with the Bigamy EP, songs taken from the sessions from his album The Game  Of Monogamy. This one was bought for me at the gig where he supported Mariachi El Bronx, for  some reason I opted for the ‘pick it up before the show’ option which was perhaps a mistake as it wouldn’t exactly fit in my pocket…

Third is Everyone Everywhere – one of my favourite albums of the last few years from Tiny Engines:

I love the cover on this one.


Disclaimer: Sorry about the off kilter and out of focus pics!