Album Review: MAKE, The Golden Veil

Make album coverMAKE’s new album (out 20th July) is a serious, doom laden affair but it has a gentle heart.

In the three years since I reviewed their debut album, MAKE have been busy evolving their sound – they are stlll making epic metallic post-rock but this new record feels infused with a wider set of influences.  Although the record has a greater scope it somehow sounds more refined; a softer side to the band has emerged and with it a dreamier soul, taming those hard edges and bringing everything together to create a more satisfying mix.  Where Trephine was more direct and sludgy The Golden Veil feels less grounded, drifting wonderfully, concerned more with atmosphere and beautiful expansive guitars than with power chords.  As with their previous releases there is a cinematic aura at the core of the record with a  widescreen feel still in evidence (on tracks like The Architect), but this record brews more slowly, giving you time to enjoy the view.

Its great to hear an album that plays out as a whole experience, something I seem to come across less and less – this is old school post-rock, taking me back to the days of early Godspeed, Envy, Pelican – a no nonsense, moody record full of all encompassing tunes; huge, heady and powerful, it’s easy to get lost in and is sure to feature in my records of the year.