Album Review: Tyranny Is Tyranny

Tyranny Is Tyranny – The Rise Of Disaster Capitalism

Tyranny Is Tyranny coverI was pleased to see this record arrive in my inbox as I was a big fan of the United Sons Of Toil record I reviewed for Roomthirteen back in the day, and this is a new band featuring the same folks. I was impressed with their activist spirit and their mix of alt-rock, punk rock and doom laden metal amongst other sounds and whilst this new record is something different it’s still very much the sound I would have expected. I was also pleased to hear that for a group of people with such strong ideals the lyrical messages still come across; they haven’t lot any of their anti-Capitalist edge.

Tyranny Is Tyranny still employ technical riffage and a dark feel as they once did under that different moniker, however this has a more post-rock, post-punk feel with moody atmospherics taking centre stage rather than a scarred angsty edge.  I love this change in direction, especially since they have kept hold of their uniqueness, that rootless melting pot of ideas and noises, but this record feels more relaxed and subtle.  The melodies are strong and the whole feel is expansive with widescreen orchestral moments in evidence.

“The Rise Of Disaster Capitalism” was released on 13th June 13 through Phratry Records. I haven’t heard Tyranny Is Tyranny’s 2013 debut, but I feel compelled to check it out having heard this, if you’d like to do the same head over here to their Bandcamp.