Fanzine Roundup June

Some recommended Fanzines from the stack I’ve managed to pick up in the last couple of months, ‘Punk in Suburbia’ and ‘Paper Aeroplanes’ were found whilst on holiday in Portland OR in a local bookshop and the others ordered from the web, I’ve included contact/purchase info where available.  With these fanzine reviews you may have noticed I am beginning to move away from only music based publications, as I delve deeper into the Zine community I’m realising how much variety and great writing is available and am enjoying sharing these finds.  Get in touch for more information via the contact form.


Reckless Chants #23
Fanzines are the perfect format for free expression and personal stories and this issue really gets down and dirty emotionally, at times the essay is a difficult read, however it’s fantastic to get your hands on something so honest, gritty and easy to empathise with.   Jessie’s writing style draws you in and gives you the measure of her character and the situation at that time so well.
The theme in this issue is ‘crying’, essentially the different ways we cry and the reasons we do so, I found myself nodding along in agreement many times, and at more than one point I had to put the book down as tears were threatening to spill over.  Find it in the Reckless Chants shop on Etsy.


Every Day Failures #1
I understand the format here; it’s one I generally like a great deal. A snap shot of a life, a moment which obviously meant a great deal to this person, made an impact and helped them learn something about themselves.  Reading this zine however, I found it difficult to put myself in the writers’ position and I was left feeling a little frustrated that she didn’t pull herself out of the situation and give her partner a piece of her mind.  I admire anyone for getting out there and making a zine, you are really opening yourself up emotionally to strangers, when the situation is very specific sometimes its hard to put yourself in their shoes; this was one of those times for me, however, I still found this a fascinating read and any emotional reaction means it did have an impact on me. Picked up from Powell’s books in Portland, however available in a number of distros.


Basic Paper Airplane

First time reading this zine, picked up from Powells books in Portland which may have a sweet sense of irony if you’ve read the issue.  I loved this book – initial baflement at the writer letting so many opportunities slip past gave way to admiration, and the pay off leaves you smiling.  I felt inspired after reading this; to do something just for me, to break free of the shackles of the every day grind and embrace my creative side, make a zine perhaps. This is the kind of zine that makes me love the format so much and anything that inspires me to be creative is recommended. I have found this to purchase on Etsy at Antiquated Future.



Also recommended this month:

Fluke #14
This issue of the zine is a flyer special; the flyers are from old shows and give a taste of what was happening in the scene back in the day.
I love getting a look at flyers from other local scenes from years past, it always makes me want to rifle through my old ticket stubs and flyers again.
Purchase at Big Cartel.



General Speech #14
Mainly interviews in this punk zine, I only knew a couple of the bands so wasn’t completely on board however the writing is sound (I found the Tercer Mundo article really interesting).  My first time reading GS and I love the enthusiastic commitment to the cause and the style of the Zine is great. Purchased from General Speech however it is now sold out here, try a local distro perhaps?