Jetplane Landing @Clwb Ifor Bach 7th September 2013

Jetplane Landing TicketEven for a Saturday night the room downstairs at Clwb was pretty packed for Jetplane’s set and It was clear from the crowd chatter that fans haven’t lost any of their love for the band during their 6 year haitus; those present were certainly geared up to rock out.  This was the last date on the tour before they returned to Ireland and the band could be seen chatting with the crowd as they always do, creating a relaxed atmosphere.

Once they they took to the floor and started pumping out those heady rock tunes it was clear that they were on form and playing hard and fast – set opener Acrimony sounded intense and almost epic in that space.  Front man Andrew Ferris commented that the venue was perfect for them – no stage, just a row of monitors to separate them from us so we were eyeball to eyeball, they really looked like they were enjoying performing once again.

With Mr Ferris grinning inbetween lines of lyric they pumped out a volley of hits, including tracks from their superb new album Don’t Try.  Single, Radio Heart, sounded even better played loud and the excellent Walls Of Derry went down a treat; the personal nature of the song really coming through in the live setting.  Old favourites, I Opt Out, The Violence and Brave Gravity (from Once Like A Spark) sounded tight and melodic but with a gritty edge, the crowd were at this point singing back the lyrics at full volume and getting closer to the stage and more energetic with each passing track. Tunes from their previous album Backlash Cop including the title track and Why Do They Never Play Les Savy Fav on the Radio? added texture to the set and reminded us all of how diverse their back catalogue is; a solid mix of tracks overall.

It was a pleasure to have JPL back in Cardiff and playing on such great form; this was a set of winners played with style and heart and it made us all realise how much we’d missed seeing them play.  If you’ve not caught them on tour make sure you go out of your way to catch them next time, you won’t regret it.