New Zines January 2013

A couple of zines arrived in the post this week, one old, the Summer 2011 issue of Nowhere Zine and one new, Zine & Not Heard #7.

Nowhere Zine Summer 2011
This zine is the work of recently appointed Maximun Rock n Roll co-ordinator Lydia and is a Greek/English punk zine. It’s odd actually, this zine made me feel old – not sure if it’s the youthful tone of the writing or the extreme attitude (although punk zines tend to have that in spades anyway)  which is along the lines of, if you don’t agree with them you can f**k off basically. That’s fair enough but it left me feeling a bit worn out!  Anyway, the writing’s not amazing, but not bad either, some of the columns were in Greek so I couldn’t actually read them but the zine and record reviews were worth a look.Nowhere Zine Summer 2011 content
The layout is pretty too – an A5 sized book, nicely chunky at over 90 pages with some bits in colour and a mix of type and cut and paste. Worth checking out for MRR fans or punk zine collectors – not particularly easy to get hold of a copy now so I’m told but I think Cessnock Underground distro in the UK still has it – that’s where I got my copy from.


Z&NH #7 Cover picAs with the previous Zine & Not Heard’s issue 7 of this Brit zine is full of off-kilter short prose, this time on the subject of Tomatoes. Disappointingly from my perspective this issue has no musical content at all, but to be fair it works fine without it and is still an intriguing read.  The writing is quirky but there’s a kind of down-beat feel to the zine as a whole, stories like Salsa leaving you in a thoughtful mood.  Visit the website to buy.

So my MRR subscription has been delayed, no sign of the first issue yet and I’m still hoping for new Degenerate and Us Und Them issues to be released, so in the meantime, aside from the above, I’ve been enjoying checking in to Fluke Fanzine online – haven’t been able to get hold of a hard copy of this in the UK yet but I’m still on the look out – this blog is all about pictures and new content seems to be added daily.