Review: La Luna Album

La Luna cover imageLa Luna Always Ready  (10th May via Middle Man Records)

Toronto DIY four piece La Luna (or sometimes Brain Fever) haven’t been prolific in their career to date, with only two full lengths in the seven years since they formed, however I’ll take quality over quantity any day and this record really fits the bill.

Always Ready puts me in mind of one of my other current favourite bands, Svalbard, with a solid hardcore base, an abudance of complex guitars, and a fantastic female lead vocalist, (along with an occasional blast of dual girl/boy vocals).  La Luna have a more straight forward structure however (less post rock edge and more HC) and a heavy dose of relentless, restless energy which makes for an infectious mix.

Forging a scuzzy, screamy path, Empty Portrait leads us into the album with a blazing charge of riffage and heavy hit drums; half way through the track the band also lets us see another side to their sound with a controlled, off kilter moment, slowing things down with softer, spoken vocals and cleaner more technical riffs.  What an opener.

The album is a ride, from this great opener until the closing moments; intense, agressive but with an edge of technical finnesse which makes it hard to put down.