Review: Shopping, Why Choose

Admission time. I haven’t listened to Shopping before. They are a band that have been at the edge of my radar for an age, people mention them all the time and they often feature in best of lists but I’d never got round to listening to them before, so, the long and short of it is, that I won’t be making comparrisons to their old records.

Standing on it’s own this is a decent record of jangly, minimal Brit punk with a surf edge to the guitar sound and shouty, slightly bratty female vocals – all good so far but not particularly out of the ordinary.  It is charming though, the charm comes from the jagged rhythms and relaxed ‘spoken’ vocals – it’s a record that is impossible not to bop about to.  Opener Wind Up sets things up nicely, the surf feel bringing a fun and breezy Summer vibe.  Take It outside has some nice (slightly shambolic) gang vocals and Straight Lines mixes things up again with male vocals taking the lead – they keep you on your toes throughout the record.

The album has a minimal sound; they aren’t afraid to let you hear the spaces between the notes, resisting the urge to pack it full of feedback and distortion – it does feel very raw and real but also clean and crisp, letting you hear the great melodies in full.

A solid record, fun but also well put together.