Review: Super Luxury Album

Super Luxury – Ten Solid Years Of Applause

digipak4Panel-DW.aiI don’t often say this, but Super Luxury’s debut album benefits from cleaner prduction, OK it’s not slick, but it is at least cleaner than their 2013 EP Mystery Thriller Teen Drama. The Leeds 5 piece have a warm and fuzzy noise rock undertone (with the odd blast of discord) topped by meaty classic rock riffage and shouty vocals – trust me it works. The production here really brings out the riffs but still lets you hear the tunes, and they do pen some corkers; take Constant Delicious where a hooky riff and hypnotic rhythm make for a catchy tune with classic rock undertones, it’s super catchy.

The record takes a little while to get going on the first listen, with opener 25 Meters’ harsh distorted wash of noise laden with squeals of feedback feeling oddly like a long intro, even at 4 minutes; but then when a foot stomping riff comes in you get a hint of what is to come later and the promise is good.

Ian Mckaye Made So Much Money Out Of Fugazi He Lives In A Solid Gold House… is one of the highlights, starting a run of excellent tunes for the middle section of the record.  This is where it feels like the album starts to pick up steam and everything begins to pull together. The best tunes include Golden Climbing and Milk Sauce. The former is initially marked by intense squealing before calming into a dreamy/sludgy but tuneful track. The latter produces a great menacing rock and roll feel with some serious downtuning and off kilter, distorted shouting.  Salem Tears is another worth mentioning, again, hypnotic drums which seem to force you to move and a simple vocal line, (this time dual shouts layer up) is easy to join in with.

There is some great stuff on this record, it seems to sum up the diversity of British rock at the moment; so many different styles and influences blending to create poweful yet melodic tunes you can rock out to.