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Seven Inches To Freedom Fanzine issue 12

SITF 12 CoverThis issue of SITF Fanzine came out in November ’13 and finds Joe Lachut in a very introspective mood.  In the mag he talks about his experience on tour with band Panzram and the zine also includes a very downbeat column from Bob Suren.

Joe reviews the bands they played with on tour through demos and tapes picked up and swapped at the gigs, and also writes about the band themselves through his experience of playing with them and hanging out with them. He obviously discovered a to of great new music on the journey and his enthusiastic discussion of each band makes you really want to check them all out.  In the columns mulls over his state of mind, which by all accounts was pretty ropey throughout the tour and although its very raw and emotive it also makes fascinating reading.

Pick up a copy of the fanzine via the SITF Big Cartel  as well as copies of previous issues.


Degenerate issue 14

Degenerate 14 Cover
Always an enjoyable read, issue 14 is no less so, with Sam Lefebvre’s usual mix of thoughtful critique and interviews on offer there’s plenty to get your teeth into, and of course, it’s always interesting to read about local scenes elsewhere.

In this issue, alongside interviews with David King and Jess Scott he discusses the creation of the zine, the continued existence of record stores and the the way that production effects hardcore recordings.  The layout is lovely and feels almost organic at times, like an artists sketchbook, and the conversational yet intelligent writing style is more than satisfying.

For more information head over to tumblr and contact Sam via email.


Sam has kindly sent me an extra copy of issue 14 of Degenerate to pass on and by an accident of fate I also have a spare copy of SITF issue 12.  If anyone out there would like to get hold of copies of either of these two great US fanzines I’m all ears. Get in touch via the contact form or post a comment.