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Connection Issues

I had intended to post a live review of the Swansea leg of the Annabel & Dowsing European tour (on 7th June at Mozart’s) some time ago, however, the ongoing saga of my crappy Internet connection has put a stop to not just this but all my online activity in the last couple of weeks, which has been frustrating to say the least. Anyway, as it’s a bit late for the review now I’ll sum up…

The gig ended up being one of those shows the band would most likely prefer to forget ever happened which was a real shame – we’d waited months to see them and had been hugely excited in the run up so the fact that the night fell apart a bit felt even worse.  Actually the warning signs started when the venue was changed from Bristol to Swansea which it turns out has the worst rail links in the world – the last train back at 10.30 on a Friday (shudder). On the day it seemed to go well at first – beautiful weather all day and the walk to the venue was faster than expected, unfortunately Dowsing and Annabel got held up in traffic from Brighton and arrived at the venue super late, without time to unload their kit or sound-check and with less than an hour to fit both sets in, which needless to say, wasn’t going to happen.

Luckily Hell Money who supported were excellent and saved the night from being a total wash out – check them out here.  Dowsing played a very short 5 or 6 song set – which considering the circumstances was really decent. Unfortunately the band we’d gone to see, Annabel, came on fifteen minutes before we had to leave and played just three (of my favourite) songs before we made a dash for the train. The set seemed strained at best and although you could see they were really trying to get in the mood, the hours they’d just spent sitting in the van showed.  It’s easy to imagine they picked up towards the end of the set but we were not around to see it which was pretty gutting.  If I was made of money I’d have gone to catch them in London a couple of days later but alas I’m not.

Looks like we have a working connection again now after engineer number 4’s visit today but we’ll see. If it lasts I’m hoping to post a bit more regularly in the coming weeks so check back for more rambling soon.