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Cayetana – Nervous Like Me Album Review

Cayetana – Nervous Like Me Album Review

Cayetana coverI’ve made no secret on this blog that all girl Philly trio Cayetana became one of my new favourite bands as soon as I heard their Demo back in January 2013, so it’s probably no surprise that their debut full length album has been highly anticipated round at mine.  In the simplest terms, Cayetana write songs that make me feel glad to be alive and I’d love to be able to write a review that makes each of you reading this want to go out and pick up the record, but I fear I’m not eloquent enough for that – all I can hope to do is make you curious enough to at least take a listen as its shaping up to be one of my albums of the year.

The album’s opening tune is Serious Things Are Stupid, and it’s a strong track; a super catchy melody, sing along vocal lines and slightly scuzzy production make you want to turn it up loud.  Even just from this opening tune it’s clear that the trio have grown as a band.   Their sound has developed into something warmer and more textured than their early tunes, and this becomes even more obvious on the reworked tracks; Mountain Kids and South Philly, both originally featured on that demo, now sound quite different.   On both these tracks the guitar and bass have a fuller, richer sound and the drums are crisp and punchy, but its not just the production; South Philly for instance has more assured vocal delivery and reworked, more complex bass lines pushed higher into the mix – both tunes sound fantastic here and realise the potential of those more minimal versions from the demo.

It’s great to hear that scuzzy punk feel hasn’t left them on tracks like Black Hills which has a nice layer of fuzz on the guitar and a danceable rock and roll rhythm and Animal which punches in all the right places.  There is a slight change of tone for the sweet and poppy Dirty Laundry which is great to sing along with and has the juiciest bass line and Scott Get The Van, I’m Moving, combines their rougher edges with another perfect pop melody and spot on vocal delivery – it gets into your head and won’t leave, even when you sing it back at full volume.

This is that rare gem, a debut album from a band with masses of potential which delivers 11 great tracks and lets you hear their continuing development together as a unit; it leaves you both satisfied and excited for what they’ll do next.


Cayetana – Hot Dad Calendar Review

Cayetana – Hot Dad Calendar 7″ single review

cayetana cover
Cayetana continue their run as one of my new favourite bands and if they carry on making awesomely catchy fuzzy-punky-pop tunes like this they will stay in my good books for some time to come. Following on from their fantastic demo last year, this single consists of the punchy and melodic Hot Dad Calendar and the laid back and fuzzy Ella.

The former has a simple yet bouncy tune – one of Cayetana’s strengths is in their ability to mix melody with raw vocals and a lo-fi scuzzy overlay, and you really hear that in this track. It starts strong and has you hooked until the last note, thanks to sing along vocals and a lovely, high in the mix bass, rounding out the sound. Track two, Ella, is nicely muzzy with a more laid back feel; richly fuzzy guitars and another great vocal line bringing it all together.

If you’re still not familiar with this all girl trio then I urge you to get on board now.

Cayetana 7″ Incoming

Cayetana Group Pic

I was pleased to read yesterday that Cayetana have a new 7″ single on the way, I loved their demo last year and went on about it quite a bit (apparently) so am really looking forward to some new material.

Hot Dad Calender, the new single, is being released by those lovely folks at Tiny Engines and is one of the tracks Cayetana played in a session for The Key a while back which is worth checking out – it’s a great track.  No release date as yet but hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.  A new album is being penciled in for a Summer 2014  release too, so as their upcoming tour with Waxahatchee doesn’t extend to the UK, we have a full length record to look forward to instead!

New Year New Music – 2013 Gets Underway

So, we’re only a short way into the new year but I’m already enjoying some new music.

springtimeSpringtime have a new 7″ coming soon but in the meantime I’ve been listening to this cracking demo. The band has an assured hardcore punk sound, sporting an old school edge likened to Dag Nasty and they recently signed to excellent independent label Tiny Engines. I’ll definitely be seeking out that new release!

Listen and download (for free) their demo from Bandcamp


I’m also liking this demo very much from Cayetana, a great all female trio from Philadelphia (another great Philly band??). The demo has crunchy, scuzzy but sweetly melodic punk tunes.Here’s hoping they have more tunes like this on the way.

Check out the demo on their Bandcamp.