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New Music and Zines July 2013

A little late in the day his month due to continuing internet problems which I won’t bore you with again here but I’m finally online and posting again.

I’ve really been enjoying the Purple 7 12″ which arrived a couple of weeks ago from Let’s Pretend Records, the tunes have a fuzzy 90s charm which is utterly charming and makes me feel all nostalgic for my teens – especially the opener Poison Ivy  – a top tune. The new David Lynch album The Big Dream is really decent too – it has that Twin Peaks/Badalamenti feel to it and will be getting  a few more listens I’m sure while I write up my Roomthirteen review.

I got hold of Limited Readership zine issue 4 a couple of weeks ago too, brit publication with a laid back, personal writing style (lots of musing) and mixed interests.

Limited Readership #4

Punk and metal (mainly old school) are both covered along with some interviews, plenty of nostalgia, a couple of articles on movies and a small review section. This zine is always a breezy read with articles generally quite broadly covered but with that personal perspective nudging its way in here and there – as I mentioned there’s quite a bit of musing going on, Rob Tyers likes to think things through and chat to us about it which is one of the things I like about this zine, you feel like you’re getting an insight into the person behind the paper.

As always, it has a great design and layout too!


Off to see MINE tonight in Newport hopefully, which, if I manage to get there, will no doubt see a review on these pages. More soon.

Back To The Future

I recently acquired a new turntable:

Rega Turntable

I’m not going to do some huge advert for it, however it’s about a million times better than my old one – I hadn’t realised how muddy the sound was on it until I cranked up this one. The result of this new depth of sound has had me dragging out old albums again. This probably should come as no surprise if you’ve been to this blog before as I am given to harking back to the past anyway, but I’ve remembered why I love vinyl so much and how vast the difference is between it and the sound of my ipod (even with decent headphones).

This1988 album by Bastro:

Bastro Cover Image

Rode Hard And Put Up Wet sounds superb again – it brings back memories of me listening to it at 17 with the door to my tiny box room shut having a sneaky cigarette next to the open window, I loved this record and played it to death on my old hand-me-down system (which incidentally was still better than the one i just consigned to dusty under bed ‘storage’).

This is a real post-hardcore gem, although at the time I probably would have called it American Hardcore, and I recall buying it because of the Albini connection (he engineered the album) and they used a drum machine so it had that Big Black feel to it. They have interesting time signatures and fantastic discordant horns which I remembered instantly this week when I was listening to the new Svin record (read my Roomthirteen review here) and I immediately pulled this six track mini album out of the stack to get stuck back into.

I’m sure there will be more nostalgic waffling on old records to come soon. I’m even considering digging out my old Ride and Slowdive stuff although I fear they may not have aged so well.

Labels Are Moot?

As far as my taste in music goes I think I’m past being labelled based on the way I look, (I could be wrong but) it’s been a few years since someone asked me about my preferences based on looks alone, I’m guessing this is because I’m now officially getting old or whatever. Honestly I’m not sure fitting in has ever been a huge concern to me and these days I certainly don’t align myself to one particular genre anyway.  Online though it’s all about what you say rather than how you look and this can also have its drawbacks – if I review a load of albums from a  particular genre I suddenly get typecast a certain way but that’s par for the course with music journalism as its difficult to write a review which you want to aim at a particular audience without mentioning genre.

Sure I love Punk music but I also love a lot of emo, alt-rock, metal, indie, post rock or whatever else takes my fancy. Sometimes I’m surprised into noting how narrow some peoples taste in music is and have wondered how anyone can limit themselves to just one type of music – wouldn’t that get really boring really quickly? Wouldn’t you be missing out on a huge amount of great music?  Whats wrong with just accepting that you don’t fit in anywhere and not worrying about what other people think? Music is what keeps me going and I’ve always been off centre to what is considered the ‘norm’ but instead of buying in to a lifestyle cliche I am simply true to myself and love music that makes me feel something or inspires me.  Isn’t that what it’s all about?

On that note here are a few records that have inspired me recently:

Belgrado 7"
Belgrado’s 7″ Panopticon / Vicious Circle – post-punk of the highest order from Spain.







Creative Adult - Northern Exile

Creative Adult’s new cassette Northern Exile – everything you love about hardcore punk but with a pissed off post-punk edge




MINE EP Cassette Tape

MINE EP – British H/C-Punk with Post-Rock builds.





te - Therefore, the illusion of density breach, the tottering world "forget" tomorrow

Japanese post rockers té and their instrumental album Therefore, the illusion of density breach, the tottering world “forget” tomorrow which is full of huge anthemic tunes.